Business Advisors

Our in-house business consultants understand what it takes to build and grow a business in Australia and beyond. Whether you’re looking to start a new business or grow your current one, our advisors will provide you with a tailored plan to help you achieve all your goals.

Nikee Business Group delivers a range of business solutions to assist you in achieving your business goals. Our business consultants work with thousands of SMEs and small businesses Australia-wide, providing them with the tools, resources and practical advice to help them make more efficient & effective management decisions.

Our consultants understand what it takes to build a successful business and have been trusted by Australians since 1996. We analyse your business, look into the areas which you would like to focus on and we not only help you grow your business but also assist with the fundamentals of recruitment, developing a staff training plan, implementing leadership in your teams, business restructuring and provide advice on a range of matters.

Our methods are presented in a straightforward but effective manner so any business owner will be able to immediately implement any advice or knowledge shared. Through our interaction tracking and management software we can allow accelerate your business growth through targeted marketing campaigns, developing a thorough business plan and leveraging resources. 

We will provide you with the tools to assist you in developing a coherent and structured business plan, and train you, as a business owner, to be able to identify issues early and implement optimum solutions at the right times.

We understand that as a business-owners, you are juggling multiple hats at once and may be also struggling with numerous issues including shortages of skilled staff and effective resources to help grow the business. We want to work together with you to eliminate these problems and build as to identify and implement solutions which will generate quick results and provide long term growth to achieve their international business goals to import, export or establish a business presence overseas.

Our methods are presented in a straightforward but effective manner so any business owner will be able to immediately implement any advice or knowledge shared. Through our interaction tracking and management software we can allow accelerate your business growth through targeted marketing campaigns, developing a thorough business plan and leveraging resources.  

Business 6

Our Consultants combine practical experience with the latest international knowledge and high level connections in both government and business to:

  • Connect you to international networks
  • provide the latest market and industry information
  • Work with you to achieve your global business objectives.

How we can grow your business?

  • Access to country and industry experts to grow your business overseas
  • Market intelligence
  • Market entry strategies
  • Distribution partner matching
  • Market visits
  • International trade consulting
  • Export documentation
  • Trade missions
  • Events.

Our plans are flexible and are designed to support the largest multi-national corporations to a single individual. With clients in all industry segments, we have a deep understanding of their businesses and how changes in laws and regulations will impact them.

Advances in the growing global markets in business, management technology are transforming just about every part of our lives, from the way we work to the way we manage, communicate and access services

Innovation is about new and existing businesses which can create new products, processes and business models for their business growth. Innovation is important to every sector of the economy – from ICT to healthcare, education to agriculture, and defence to transport

Small and Medium business owners are often challenged by the industry to handle multiple tasks and wear too many hats. Let our consultants advise you on all these challenges so you can be better equipped to focus on what you need to do and you are extremely good at – running your business.

Business Plans and Reports

  • Whether you’re an established or start-up business, it’s important to have a plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • A business plan outlines your strategy for the next couple of years. It may be used to help support an application for business finance or business grants, or it could be just for your own use as a roadmap for the growth of your business.
  • It explains your objectives and the actions required to get your small business from where it is now, to where you want it to be.
  • The process of writing your plan will help you focus, crystallise your ideas and identify priorities, saving both time and effort. Your business plan will give you a clear sense of direction and a benchmark enabling you to measure progress.

Labour Market Testing

  • Standard Business Sponsors must, unless exempt, test the local labour market prior to nominating an overseas worker.
  • Sponsors must then provide information about their attempts to recruit Australian workers to the department, the cost of doing so and demonstrate how they have determined that there is no suitably qualified and experienced Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position.
  • Subject to Australia's international treaty obligations, except where the occupation is protected, exemptions from the labour market testing requirement may apply in relation to the required skill level for a nominated position.
  • Essentially, this means that all ANZSCO Skill Level 1 and 2 (that is managers and professionals) are exempt from the labour market testing requirement with the exception of occupations in the nursing and engineering professions.
  • Labour market testing is a process which employers must undergo, It is not required for all occupations, however we recommend that labour market testing be a core component for all 457 visa applications
  • Labour Market testing is essentially testing the local labour market for a specific vacant position prior to lodging a nomination application.
  • This testing ensures that there is no suitably qualified and experienced Australian citizen, permanent resident or ‘eligible temporary visa holder’ readily available to fill that vacant position.
  • It also supports the employer’s decision of hiring an overseas worker.

Genuine and Need For Position Reports

  • The genuine position requirement provides authority for the department to refuse a nomination if there are concerns that the position associated with the nominated occupation is not genuine or was created specifically to achieve a migration outcome.
  • This is intended to ensure that the position is genuinely required by the business and that the 457 programmer is only being used for legitimate purposes.
  • The requirement also provides decision-makers with the ability to better scrutinize cases where the authenticity of the certifications made by the business in relation to the tasks and skill level of the position is questionable.
  • A detailed and analytical report in support of the Genuineness of the Nominated Position and Need of the Nominee plays a vital role in the success of a nomination application.
  • The company must demonstrate that the nominated position is a genuine position within the company.
  • The position is relevant to the nature and scope of the business activities of the company and is necessary to the continuing operations of the business.
  • Our reports are professionally written and many nomination applications have been successful due to our detailed reports.
  • The most important requirements when sponsoring a foreign employee is whether the nominated position is a genuine position and if there is a genuine need for a foreign worker within the busines.

Salary Reports

  • The market rate framework is based on the principle that, to the maximum extent possible given their particular circumstances, 457 visa holders should be provided with terms and conditions of employment (earnings) which are no less favourable than those provided to an Australian worker performing equivalent work.
  • The policy imperative of the market rates framework is that the 457 visa holder be paid neither under the market rate (with the risk that this would entail of overly “cheap” labour), nor over it (which could indicate that Australians were being paid inequitable salaries compared to temporary skilled migrants).
  • Market Salary Reports provide detailed information on the salary range of various occupations including market salary research within a wide range of industries.
  • A Market Salary Report is a report that gathers detailed salary information and range for various occupations within a number of industries. It provides useful insights into salary forecasts and expectations and recruitment challenges.
  • It helps companies plan for their human resource needs by providing detailed analysis and research on the current salaries of various occupations.