Accounting Solutions

Our professional accountants can help you organise your finances and prepare for the future so that you can ensure you’re on top of it all!

Nikee Accounting Solutions (NAS) was established to assist small businesses and individuals with their finances by providing cost effective accounting services and financial advice in comparison to complex large firms that deal predominantly with costly corporate tax.

NAS is here to help take the financial stress out of running a business. We love working with individuals like you who need ongoing business advice and support on a range of matters including business returns, bookkeeping, restructuring, property investment, family trust and so on.

Whether you’re a Sole Trader, Partnership, Company, Individual or Sub-Contractor, the team at NAS is here to service all your financial needs. We offer a high standard of service with affordable rates so that it is accessible to all. Some of our clients include small business owners, tradesmen, sub-contractors, retail store owners and local restaurants.

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Business Restructuring

Your business structure is the foundation of your business, but as a small business, many owners tend to leap into their business because they have a particular skill or talent, thinking they can manage their finances on their own. Usually, it’s not until someone is in trouble that you reach out for external assistance. Why wait until something goes wrong? Start now and build the correct foundations for your business!

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Accounting Services:

  • Establish a structured, well-performing accounting system which tracks your data accurately and puts it in a usable format to help the business owner make educated management decisions.
  • Creating the right accounting procedures and tools to help you be stress-free when it comes to your businesses’ finances.
  • Implement proper accounting methods from the very beginning to prevent you from falling into legal traps or trouble with the ATO
  • Auditing your business to ensure you are compliant with current regulations.
  • Providing you with a specialised accounting professional to look after all your financial business needs.
  • We’ll look after the numbers, so you can focusing on growing your business!
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Financial Advice

We understand that employing an accountants or advisors will provide you with a valuable asset to your business in the long run. By having a professional hand to management your financial affairs, you will not only sleep better at night, but you can feel freer to do the things you love and leave the numbers to us.

Advisory Services

  • Preparation of all financial statements as required.
  • Analysis of your financial data, payroll, cash flow, profit and loss, future forecast & financial planning and deep analysis of potential threats or weak spots.
  • Advise on how to structure your finances for the best possible return.
  • Assistance with the preparation of financial application.
  • Implementation of & review of accounting and business computer systems.
  • Tax planning and compliance.
  • Capital gains, Goods and Services Tax and other Specialist Tax Services including Succession planning, Transition to Retirement & Investment Solutions.
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We provide our clients with accurate, reliable and timely book-keeping services where you will work closely with our accountants and book-keepers. The advantage of this is that you will have a oversight of your business finances and a personal extra hand to guide you and be your point of contact when needed. We will streamline and simplify your financial reporting functions whilst providing you with the correct information to make accurate management decisions.

You will receive

  • Quarterly & monthly reports for your business activity
  • A professional accountant to work closely with on all your businesses’ financial decisions
  • Tailored book-keeping services to suit your professional industry and your business’ needs.
  • A report on the accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Advise on budgeting and planning for the future

Wealth Growth

Simply launching a business is not enough. You may end up in a position where your growth and profits are great but you’re still struggling to pay your BAS at the end of the day. Nikee Accounting Services provides you with the support to not only ensure you stay on top of your finances, but also to help you build an investment portfolio, passive income or a new income streams to help you live a comfortable life.

Wealth Growth Services

  • Personalised, professional cashflow analysis tailored to your business or personal needs.
  • Regular asset viability reports to help you manage your assets and cover new purchases.
  • Financial reports to support for your bank, loans and mortgaging needs.
  • Implementation & review of accounting and business computer systems.
  • Tax planning and preparation to prevent you from falling into traps and receiving an insurmountable bill at the end of the year.
  • Assistance with ATO matters and documentation preparation.
  • Succession planning, transition to retirement and tailored investment solutions help you prepare for your future.
  • Proactive accounting solutions to taxation compliance and a business plan that adapts with your business.
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We are committed to preparing you for the future and look forward to building a long-term relationship with you to manage and maintain all your financial matters in a timely and effective manner.