Tech Solutions

From developing state-of-the-art websites to helping to get your first app on the apple store, our tech team will make you feel empowered and ahead of the game. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Our Tech team provides services in IT, web development, consulting We provide IT development, consulting and IT Services with highly qualified professionals, committed to provide efficient, cost-effective, on-time solutions.

We have brought together some of the best professionals from well reputed businesses locally and overseas such as Team-IT, My Computer India and IMigrate247. A client focused, innovative approach to research and assessment combined with a high level of ethics and values makes us the most challenging consulting firm in Melbourne.


We will empower your IT department or become it. We seek long term relationships with our customers. We firmly believe that conventional wisdom says that most companies need computers to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive business environment.

NTS optimizes the use of technology and brings our network administration and computer networking consultants to your business that are reflected in your bottom line. At NTS we begin by listening to you explain how your business operates, what are the problems and bottlenecks, what needs to be done to make it more efficient – and therefore more profitable.

Then we’ll create a plan – specific to your business – to implement those solutions. We’ll also recommend hardware and software, work with you during installation and on training your people, and help you get your communications system up and running.

We’ll also offer you a support plan so that we can be available to answer your questions and to help with troubleshooting.

  • NTS provides end-to-end IT consulting, Software Development, IT Support, Business, Systems and Network services.
  • Combining deep industry expertise with high-powered technology, our consultants deliver premium business solutions to clients.
  • NTS provides innovative technology solutions to improve business processes and in turn, profitability.
  • With NTS you can expect to deliver practical business services while staying on top of your professional development and expanding your skills and knowledge.
  • Join us and help make the world smarter – one consulting project at a time.
  • Our software is based on intelligent techniques to efficiently automate your entire business.
  • A decade of research into user interface and usage analysis
  • Seamless data entry in our software is just the start.
  • Can be integrated with your existing software ecosystem
  • Provide you dramatic increase in business efficiency and employee productivity.
  • Add to that the capability to analyze and access data from anywhere over the internet and you have got a great deal of power waiting to be unleashed.

IT Consultancy

  • Our Business Consultants are your complete resource for personal, professional and experienced small business and technology consulting services.
  • We apply big business knowledge and experience to a small business owner’s unique needs.
  • From providing short-term small business advice to becoming your long-term consulting partner, a consultant can increase your productivity and let you concentrate on what you do best.
  • Our in depth management and wide-ranging business experience can be your competitive edge.

Web Development

Old non-responsive websites are only good for one thing – LOSING POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. Develop an SEO friendly, mobile responsive website in just weeks. Elevate your brand design, improve your views and convert web viewers into loyal customers.

Are you struggling with:

  • Creating a modern, responsive and interactive website for your customers?
  • Setting up your SEO and increasing your google ranking organically?
  • A lack of coding skills to build an amazing and engaging website that you have in mind?
  • Copy writing and the ability to attract customers with engaging words and content?
  • Building a login and register page or a members portal for your website?

Check out some of our web development projects:

Software Programs

Have you been wanting to develop a new software for your small business?

Do you have the perfect idea in mind but can’t seem to find the right onshore software developer to make it happen?

We can solve that for you! From accounting softwares that do it all, to legal softwares that generate business contracts in just minutes, with Nikee anything is possible.

Here’s some of the things our software developers create for your business:

  • Account report automation
  • Legal contracts automation
  • Generate staff productivity reports
  • Manage leads / new /old /closed clients
  • Track and manage stock volumes
  • Appointment booking / consultation integration
  • Streamlined e-marketing process
  • Upload digital forms / templates for staff
  • Automate e-newsletters
  • Create and send discounts + vouchers to clients
  • Optimised tracking and utility tools for business owners

IT Support Services

  • IT Services and Support - We can provide you onsite and remote IT support anywhere in Melbourne.
  • We have team of certified engineer who can resolve your issue in no time.

Cloud Services

  • Hosted Exchange Full featured Microsoft exchange server gives you flexibility of corporate email system without spending on hardware, software and licensing. Benefits.
  • Access your email, tasks, calendar from anywhere in the world with internet connection
  • Access your email, tasks, calendar from mobile devices like iPhone and blackberry
  • Fixed price to control your IT budget
  • Built in antivirus and antispam features gives you peace of mind from online threats
  • Create delete and modify users and mailbox from web based portal.

VOIP, DATA & Internet

  • VOIP (Voice over IP local and hosted) Slash your phone bills !!! Utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Everyday more and more Enterprises are moving from conventional telephone methods to VoIP systems.
  • VoIP allows carrying voice and data traffic over packet network. It may be Local Area Network or Wide Area Networking including Internet.
  • We have expertise over deploying VoIP Solutions. We can easily design, develop and deploy multi-vendor Phones, PBX for your office environment.
  • We rely on our experienced team of CCNP (Cisco certified network professional) and CCVP (Cisco certified voice professional) employees.
  • These phones are effortless to set up, manage, and update. You can select from a broad range of services intended to meet your company requirements and budget to assist in improving productivity, encourage collaboration, and decrease operating costs.

Managed Services

  • Remote monitoring - We have invested in a state of the art cloud based IT monitoring system that constantly feeds IT health and performance information back to our Operations Centre over a secure connection.
  • Proactive Support - When our monitoring system detects a potential IT issue we are instantly alerted and can provide proactive support to address the issue before it affects your business.
  • Remote Desktop Control Fast and secure access to your managed IT systems allows us to instantly respond to IT issues or provide an interactive user support or training session. Security and Anti Virus Management
  • We automatically detect missing security patches or failed antivirus systems. Missing patches or antivirus issues can be ad-dressed remotely and out of hours ensuring you are not exposed to possible Virus or Hacker attacks.
  • Backup monitoring - Our monitoring systems will ensure your important business data is being successful backed up as expected.
  • Daily email alerts can be sent to indicate the success or failure of the backups, Asset Management Report and track locations, owners, suppliers, date of purchase, warranty and lease details across all of your managed IT devices.
  • Get an up-to-date view of the hardware and software in use across your business. Track software licensing, installation dates, locations and managed device hardware configurations.